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Thank you for your interest to work at JT’s.

We are willing to accept quick learners with little to no experience in a kitchen, however having experience will help you do your job to a higher standard and make us more confident in you. Working at JT’s gives you the chance to work for a family owned business that is quickly growing with unlimited potential. The next few sentences will describe the responsibilities and skills required to work at JT’s as a cook.

Cooks are responsible for preparing food at their station in a timely and precise manner when tickets flow in. It is required that you are able to cook chicken, salmon, pork, and beef to safe levels of consumption in a fryer or on a grill. Having good knife skills is important to do the job correctly. Not only do we hand-cut steaks, our cooks are also trained to slice and dice vegetables fresh everyday for salads and gardens. Tickets can come extremely quickly during busy hours; you must be able to handle high ticket volume by being prepared at your station before tickets roll in, and by being able to cook many items (10 or more), mostly proteins, at once to the correct internal temperature. JT’s is a fast paced, fun environment to work out and you will be sure to improve your cooking skills.  This job starts at $13 per hour and the pay is subject to raise.  

We’d love to have you join our team. Please use the form below to apply.

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